Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Junkaki Computer Training Center is the first training center in lalpur village, It start from 2014. JunakiCTC  Now "">Announce for admission July-December, After Completing Course You Can Participate Board Exam. if you success you will got a certificate. To know about Courses. interested student can apply by directly.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

About Junaki Computer Training Center & Admission Start Again. Offer For JSC/SSC/HSC Examinee

Admission is Running. Contact For Admission, Contact details store in page bellow.

After all, Junaki Computer Training Center build in Lalpur Nayabazar. The main purpose of this institute is to reduce the illiteracy. Not only everybody but also some people are illiterate in Lalpur villege. They believe oldest customs. Our Prime minister wanted our country to be a digital one. for this reason we come out and build "Junaki Computer Training center". Every people of our villege are happy for build it. This institute started from August 13, 2014. From starting we faced several problem. but we don't doubt to come forward.  Now we have few student but we hope when our institute will be a develop on then student will be increase. Now Our 11 Student prepared for 6 Month course examination. If anyone of candidate want to be a student of our institute we can contact with us.

Prospectus About Our Institute:

We Train Three kind of courses

1. Computer Office Applications (6 Month)
2. Computer Office Applications (3 Month)
3. Graphics Design and Multimedia (6 Month)

No. 3 there have a condition: which student know about Computer Basic Program, He can Apply for this. Computer Basic Program No.1 and No.2

Please read carefully and read full article
Our Course Rate:

1. 6500/=
2. 3500/=
3. 6500/=

The is a Offer for Talent and Poor students. The Offer is below:

1. For Poor and Talent student 30%
2. Based on JSC/SSC/HSC results. GPA 4.0 or Above 15%, GPA 3.5 or above 10%, GPA 3.0 or above 5% , There is no offer for bellow GPA 3.0

That's All About Our Courses.

For Contact Us

Mobile: +8801752294542

Thursday, March 19, 2015

this is a computer training center. our course is computer office application, graphics design and multimedia. we have three trainer for every participate. Its start from August 13, 2014. Now we have 25 student. they can perform very good. this photograph is starting days photo when this institute have been start.